From humble beginnings in a Barossa tin shed, Wolf Blass has grown into a juggernaut of Australian wine. Powerful, meticulously crafted wines are Wolf Blass’s specialty, from everyday drops to some of Australia’s most prestigious, age-worthy wines.

The man behind the brand

Wolfgang Franz Otto Blass was born in Germany in 1934. After Wolf ran away from school, his parents gave him an ultimatum: start a 3-year winemaking apprenticeship or get back to class. And so began a journey which changed the winemaking world. After studying Champagne winemaking techniques in France in 1957, Wolf became the youngest person ever to graduate with a Masters in Oenology (Wine Science) from Veitschoechheim-Wuerzberg. In 1959, he moved to England to study the art of blending. Two years later, he was faced with another important choice; move to Venezuela or the Barossa Valley. We’re certainly glad that he chose the latter.

Colour Coded

It might not sound so revolutionary today, but Wolf’s introduction of a coloured tier was ground-breaking at the time. His first wine labels in Australia were yellow with brown text, a decision made to help distinguish his wines from the (mostly white-labelled) imports. “Australians were beer drinkers and had no idea about varietals or wine regions…. and yellow is easy to spot.” These also happened to be the colours of the footy team he supported, Hawthorn. Today we have a suite of colours that each stand for a different style, including red, silver, gold, grey, brown, white, sapphire, black and platinum.

Behind the Brand





All across South Australia



Chris Hatcher (Hatch)



Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc… more than we can count.

Meet the Maker

When Chris Hatcher arrived at Wolf Blass to take up a position as winemaker, he expected to stick around for four, maybe five years. Already a white wine and sparkling specialist, he figured he’d stay just long enough to pick up some pointers on how to make great reds, and then be on his way. That was in 1987. Today, Chris is one of Australia's leading winemakers and a highly respected wine show judge across the globe. His attention to detail ensures the quality, consistency and character for which Wolf Blass is renowned.

“To be honest, I would have left if I'd got bored. It's been an incredible ride.”