The Man behind the Brand

Wolfgang Franz Otto Blass was born in Germany in 1934. After Wolf ran away from school, his parents gave him an ultimatum: start a 3-year winemaking apprenticeship or get back to class.  And so began a journey which changed the winemaking world. 

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Meet the Maker

When Chris Hatcher arrived at Wolf Blass to take up a position as winemaker, he expected to stick around for four, maybe five years. Already a white wine and sparkling specialist, he figured he’d stay just long enough to pick up some pointers on how to make great reds, and then be on his way. 

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Colour Coded

It might not sound so revolutionary today, but Wolf’s introduction of a coloured tier was ground-breaking at the time. His first wine labels in Australia were yellow with brown text, a decision made to help distinguish his wines from the (mostly white-labelled) imports.

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